Our Mill

Our Estate Mill is strategically located in Los Verdes, Fraijanes, a  unique microclimate which not only benefits the coffee production, but the processing as well.  Our wet mill currently employs state of the art machinery and design that for decades has reduced our water consumption, as water is a key in the Coffee Process. Using less than 10 m3 of water daily to process up to 100,000 pounds of ripe coffee in one day, we have set an example for other more traditional mills that require hundreds of times more water per day. Quality selection is an important part of the milling process, which our machinery handles and allows us to separate the best quality beans from the occasional deficient beans that come in directly from the plants.  Also, our abundant sunshine in the region allows us to SunDry our beans on over 110,000 sq ft of Patios.

As a complement to our wet mill, we have a roasting and cupping laboratory which allows us to have constant quality control on all lots processed at the mill on a daily basis.  This guarantees that all of our coffee is of the highest quality.


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